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We don’t need another Hero!

I am not sure what my idol, Tina Turner meant when she made this song. But I am gonna use it anyway, to talk about something that is very important to me.

Often I receive hundreds of messages, emails, and phone calls from men that start or end their letter, with ” I just want to make it easier for you” or “I want to be your hero” or “I will do anything for you” or ” Let’s move in together and all will be easier”.

Just write the phrases above, makes my stomach hurts and my eyes fuller.

That is not because I am just a proud person, is just how easy and frustrating it is to be judged daily, as a woman that you are looking for something or someone to make anything easier.

I am sure that there a plenty of ladies, that would be glad about those shinning superficial offers. But when I get these types of things, makes me regret to become a public person, I use to love to act, sex and be famous, just because I enjoyed it, but nowadays is what makes me sad and more and more move further from any human interaction.

Maybe some of you guys believe that this is what I want to hear, but is not.

A thing that I always been proud in my life, is the fact that I am capable of getting what I want, and to be honest, all that I want is none of your business, I don’t feel like I own any of you fans explanations or let you help me by being your little sugar baby.

I am sure that most of the guys have a thing about being a “babe caregiver,” it is due to our over 2000 years old brain, I get it! Times have changed, you guys do not know much about my past, about my family and my upbringing. 

So for you just bother me with your rescue or favor that you believe you are doing, you not more than disrespecting my beliefs, my lifestyle, and destroying my sense of happiness that I once had before becoming popular.

Now became a burden, to read all the nonsense.

Another reason might be because most of you believe that being a sex worker is something we do because we are desperate, alone, or need money to feed some sort of addiction.

I am sure, you hear and read it but your little ignorant ego, do not let you accept and respect that most of the sex workers, do it because we found that be with someone for pure love, is nothing but a waste of our youth, or might be because we need some appreciation that we weren’t getting at home, so why try to be “pure” when anyway we will be beaten, mistreated and unloved?

Also, are some that found on this type of job a way to support their family, which you as father had walked away, or just give them the basic that you thing is enough because you are unhappy on your relationship, but do not have the guts to break it, but drag her and your kids along miserably.

And others, like me that always had the talent to get men, and just decided to add 1+1 and make hundreds of thousands.

Now writing all this, I see that you are not looking to help or save me because you love me, but you like to say it, to see if glue and maybe make yourself feel better like you did something for someone that is in your belief less fortunate than you.

Maybe you should reevaluate your own life and seek yourself a Hero. Before believe that anyone out there does need you in that sense. Otherwise, you are deluding yourself in a relationship that no longer exists, or maybe did only in your head with yourself.

If there is some sex worker that you admire or like, the best way of showing it, is by supporting her on her actual career, future endeavors and make her feel like a normal woman, that you can talk and ask with some care about her day.

Luna CorazonLuna Corazon

Luna Corazon (1989-) Is a Brazilian former Adult Movies Star, born in São Paulo.
She left her family in an earlier age and when turned 21 years of age, she decided to seek a better life overseas.
From a simple and humble family from the suburbs of the city, Luna has been traveling all over the world, immersing herself in different cultures, religions, practices and especially seeking great sexual experiences and self-growth.
Luna has worked as a fashion model, public servant, dancer and even risk to work as a singer for a period of her life. But the adult industry is what brought her to the grace of the world's eyes.


    1. I did not give up porn, I stop shooting for other productions and went back to do what I always did film my own stuff.
      My twitter is very well and my WhatsApp as well. Since I am not sure of who you are, maybe you were just blocked or else.

  1. Dear Luna, I believe in you. Thanks for putting this in such articulate ways. Every body will benefit from the path of personal growth, feminism and ecology.

    1. Not really care about feminism, not in the 21st century white middle-class women seem too. But sure everybody will gain some new life experiences in every sense.
      This moment is unique and we should make the best out. As for the ones we love and die, we must let it go of our selfish love and pray that they find their path on this new journey as well.

  2. “And girls, they wanna have fun
    Oh girls just want to have fun”

    Two or three days ago, I watched one of your interviews on youtube (an interview done by a German guy.)
    One of youtube comment struck me.
    I think it is in line with your post. The comment said more or lest “she is beautiful why she does porn instead of be a model”.
    After reading that , I say to myself : “this comment is totally wrong”
    Firstly, because I very fascinate by your work as porn actress.
    You really turn me on since the first time I saw you doing a blowjob to a camera man before shooting a scene.
    Since then I have watching some of your “nasty/dirty video”. Some of these video are far from my expectations in porn (For instance I am not a big fan of pee stuff or DAP). But the fact that you seem happy to do really turns me on. And it is just like listen good music. Some people are pay to give pleasure to my ears and I admire them. Why it would be different for porn actors who give pleasure to my libido?
    I know this your job and you are an actress but you’re good it in.
    Secondly, I really want to fuck you. And the fact that your are an escort girl, it could be possible. So from my point view you did a good choice.(But big difficulty I have been in Africa since 2016, so for “un rendez-vous” it’s complicated).
    Finally, I am attracted by you because of you did what you did. So why I want to change that if you don’t?

    PS 01: It’s strange nobody thinks that porn males actors are desperate.
    PS 02 : You can see some actress are not happy to do what they do. So when one seems to be happy why trying to change her?!!

    1. Yeah people have fingers so became easy to “shit,” thought it, when talking about others.
      I appreciate the fact that you seem to understand our side. And when people talk to me about modeling, it is the same when they talk about be a Cristiano Ronaldo, many people talk about it but no one knows what is inside his head, on his private life. Being a model for me was fun but never a dream, I always have strong opinions about everything in this world and not be able to express it, just to fulfill my role and serve the beauty without shown who really I am was depressing.
      That is why I love to dance and any sort of acting. A model nowadays can speak wisely according to her fame and expectations, freely on social media.
      I had situations where my mom saved me from being molested, by an agency director, situations where young people were overdosing in front of me – which I haven’t seen yet in porn,- and a point where bosses made some of us kneel to bag for our jobs, so no I am not up for modeling for many years.
      Sometimes we do what we have to do, to put food on our plate, but it does not mean that others’ dreams are our dreams.
      Society’s vision of happiness and dreams are distorted.
      About sex with me, I am always glad to hear when a man desires me heheeh pay a visit to Europe and let’s have some fun bb…meanwhile I am sure you can have some cuties there.

      1. For model’s world, as I always say more a domain seems perfect more it has deviance in there… Anyway
        In concern of porn industry, I saw one of your interview (Your outfit was just amazing and your hair bun….Caliente). In this, you talk about the Society’ vision about former porn actresses and difficulties for them to go back in “Normal World”. It reminds me an interview that I read in “Le Monde” about a former french porn star who became a nurse. She talks about the fact that she earns less money, or I would say less quickly. (From my point view porn actresses earn quickly money but not easily and probably not enough). But after one or two months, everybody knew that she was a former porn actress. And patients or colleagues started to laughs at her or consider her as a whore. So at the end, she came back in porn industry. I really don’t understand this society which underrated someone who give pleasure to another, just because this pleasure is link with sex.
        Personally I would thank her to give this pleasure and enhance my libido..
        For last point, I grew up in world where Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer and Pamela Anderson were “Canon de Beauté”. And it’s true they were (are) very beautiful. But during this period of time, it was difficult to see another type of beauty. And I was teenager, I desperately look for a blonde with big breast, small butt…Thank to my previous jobs I have opportunities to travel around the world and discovered all kind of beauties in the world.
        And I will always remember the sound of silence in my parents house when I told them that my fiancé is African and…. she is black.
        And yes, they are some cuties but to have sex with you is one of life goal… But if I can’t it would be okay too because beside your beauty I like your state of mind and have the opportunity to chat with you is cool

        1. Yes, people are too much about judging, I am really happy with the moment we are living so maybe everyone gets a grip and learns that we go to the same hole.
          It does not matter how we look alike, beliefs or how much $$$.
          I gotta a type pretty similar to yours hahhaah
          Take care of your family and I am sure their love will grow on her.
          Be safe please.

  3. The world is full of people wanting to “own” (or “control”) other people, especially when they are successful. The “poor girl waiting for her prince charming on a white horse” is a completely outdated and blatantly paternalistic concept. Real love is about letting the ones you love enjoy complete freedom, support them in their projects and share their victories and joys. The highest good we have in our lives is not love nor money nor power, but freedom. Do not accept anything or anyone that will limit it. Stay well and corona-free ! xoxo

    1. Beautiful words and very truthful.
      “If you love someone, set them free”.
      Our love or better say obsession towards any type of possession makes us prisoners. Leading to a life of suffering and desperation…samsara

      1. Happy to read you know of this concept. Are you buddhist ? In any case a Sting fan 😉 However, it contrasts with some of your IG posts where you seem to indulge in designer clothing, fancy hotels, high end champagne and other luxuries.

        1. I am nothing first of all and I believe what I believe and do not like labels.
          Second, I do enjoy the great things that life has to offer and it does not mean I am more or less spiritual.
          You should try it. So maybe you will be able to find your purpose in life, cause as far as I know you are someone who suffers from serious depression, also you might use your retirement to do half of what I do (regarding my social work and lifestyle as well) and that is when you might find your own cure.
          As well judge people for what you see on their professional/personal social media, it might not help you in getting your happiness back, I found that be the best I can for myself first is the minimum I can do – using the fruits of my work – is my reward for the great person that I am and the hard work I do, especially when dealing with such people as yourself.
          To end it, maybe you gotta be jealous and sad, or even angry knowing that because you can not afford all on the list you made and I can, worse neither you can get to my spiritual knowledge – which you know I have and I don’t have to do much to prove it. Means all that you pointed out, shows that you won’t ever have the chance to be 1% as I am until you transform yourself into something greater than a hater.
          P.S.: my company has a public registration, you can ask for my income, docs and if you need I can show you my invoices, so you can see who pays my bills because if I depend on someone like you, I would probably be miserable just as you are. But still, if you want to occupy yourself, crying about a little girl living an amazing life, while you are there considering to just start living yours, let me know.

  4. I had read this from other females from time to time and not just the ones in the public eye.
    In wanting sugar baby All the Man wants is someone he can control and Not a real relationship . It’s the same mentality that makes a Guy think If he DM’s a Dick pic . Suddenly by magic the lady in question will want him .
    And of course Sex workers get lots of offers and Your job is very intimate and personal .
    All men need to remember a Lady will have sex with who she wants . A Man will have sex with who he can .
    If people want to have a good relationship with anyone We first need to start with treating each other as equals no matter their station in life or what they look like or what they believe .:)

    1. Bible…!!!
      I say this to many guys, but I heard from some losers that “oh, I would never date a girl like you, independent. I need someone who needs me”, here is a big misconception. Because work hard to reach goals, do not mean you do not need anyone, we all need someone once in life, but to want to serve and live to someone’s only desires is a very distant thing.
      As for those with the dick pics is the same when girls post pictures almost naked on their social media but do not want to be harassed. For me is a sign of desperation and weakness, because if you want to be recognized only for your intelligence do not post your twerking videos, or be honest you are clever but likes the male attention and as for the guys be honesty you send dicks pictures to cause you to feel lonely and worse do not have to whom express your perversions (which is natural), so you just throw it on any strangers face and hope for the best…
      There will never be equality, simply because as you can see in the given moment, the amount of hate and racism spread is absurd, just because no one cares to know but only to blame and judge. xoxo

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