The Demure Club

So finally I got to finish one of my books called “O Clube das Recatadas” (The Demure Club), in partnership with Brazilian writer Emerson Monteiro.

The thriller story narrates a story that happens in Brazil, in the modern days, about a group of women that seek psychological, spiritual, and Health help from a very unorthodox Therapist.

The group has different personalities, looks, and backgrounds the only thing they do have in common are questions and issues related to their sexuality.

Enter on this Journey and let’s figure out how these ladies changed some of their sexual habits, by exploring their natural hungry and nature of animal lovers.

Mistery, lies, affairs, secrets, memories and a lot of wetness!

P.S.: this book was written based on real personal experiences lived by Luna herself and friends.

Luna CorazonLuna Corazon

Luna Corazon (1989-) Is a Brazilian former Adult Movies Star, born in São Paulo.
She left her family in an earlier age and when turned 21 years of age, she decided to seek a better life overseas.
From a simple and humble family from the suburbs of the city, Luna has been traveling all over the world, immersing herself in different cultures, religions, practices and especially seeking great sexual experiences and self-growth.
Luna has worked as a fashion model, public servant, dancer and even risk to work as a singer for a period of her life. But the adult industry is what brought her to the grace of the world's eyes.


  1. Next fall, In your theather… Zoé Saldana in the role of Luna in the most exciting movie of décade.. . The demeure club !!

  2. Oi.
    Eu sou um fa que posso entender potugues mais do que eu possa escrever. Eu gostaria de ler o seu outro livro “intercambio sexual” mais, eu nao posso procurar ele. Vc pode me ajudar ?

    1. hey! Yeah you won’t find it because is not available. If things change I will announce it in here.

  3. I would love to read your first book (?) “sexual exchange” but not found … and I don’t even speak a French version (but I want to make the effort to work on my English) you have a clue so that I can get it?

    1. Well, my first book is not available right now, but as soon it is I will let you all know.

      And I will make sure, that is a french version to it since I have a big amount of French speakers fans.

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