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The 5 worse Escort Clients

*Disclaimer: this post is written based on my own experiences and opinions. If you do not agree, get your own blog!!!

In every type of business, we might find something that we really do not like about.

Especially when dealing with human relations, which in my case is really more intense than the simple money exchange between you and the cashier at the grocery store.

So I listei my 5 worse clients, steriotype when I am working as an Escort.

1- The forgettable 

Generally, before I start any session, I list out my rules and ask as well what the person is comfortable with or not.

But some eitheir will try to push a situation,even thou I said not to be into it.

Example: spitting 

For many that see my movies, I might think “oh, she is cool! She does it all, so I can do the same.”

This is a big No, No!

Neither I Don’t do all the same as in the movies or I am so cool!

The bonds and trust I have with my colleagues, can not be compared to someone I just met and is there just because they have an idea or expectation toward who I am.

As well, I’ve seen many clients that simply do not use the mouth washer before “get it on” with me.

Just do not spit on my face or mouth. We arem’t there yet!

2- The “get the job done” ones

I got that I am paid to give you some pleasure, but the thing about high-class escorts, we are also paid for our good and entertaining Conversations and presence.

If it was to have quantity and just spread my legs, without consideration with my feelings or needs, I would be working as Street Hooker, which I feel sometimes less emotional demand.

3- The Hypocrates

“Oh, I have a wonderful Wife and family!”

Me: Nice! So you guys have an open relationship? Or some sort of agreement?

Him: No. She just Don’t know and is ok this way. She knows me. 

Fuck off!!! Your life is not pleasant if you have a great lady at home, and you come out to “find food.”

I give two options here:

Either  do not talk about your marriage or just say yeah its ok,but do not say is perfect and you are all happy. If you need “hide to seek”.

4- Superhero

Just as at the strip clubs, I use to get weekly “life-saving” proposes, in my new business, nothing has changed much!

There’s always someone that comes to me, pays for my one hour fee or more, but gets it all wrong. Because of my friendly behavior, he thinks that I will actually be available or looking for someone to share or complete myself.

I am so ahead of myself and my time, that just the thought of having someone else to make me feel happier or complete, nauseates me.

And, no I do not appreciate all the nonsense advice. I just want to get fucked well, enjoy my money and go sleep in peace. Because I had the opportunity years ago, to decide how I run my life.

5- The negotiator

He beliefs that I do what I do because I want a new LV bag or I probably do not have or had other opportunities in life. So I will and accept whatever he offers me.

This client likes to show off his money and lifestyle and strongly believe that he is the one that price thing.


Here you are not the man of the house, not the Boss of your department or the main player on your football team. Here you are a buyer and I am a service provider, regardless of how much fun and interaction we have.

I Don’t know about other Escorts or how each person uses their money, but I know for a fact that I use it wisely and as the most responsible way I can.

My purpose was always to make high amounts of money, without having to respond to anyone, directly or indirectly.

So here it is.

What type of client is you?

Luna CorazonLuna Corazon

Luna Corazon (1989-) Is a Brazilian former Adult Movies Star, born in São Paulo.
She left her family in an earlier age and when turned 21 years of age, she decided to seek a better life overseas.
From a simple and humble family from the suburbs of the city, Luna has been traveling all over the world, immersing herself in different cultures, religions, practices and especially seeking great sexual experiences and self-growth.
Luna has worked as a fashion model, public servant, dancer and even risk to work as a singer for a period of her life. But the adult industry is what brought her to the grace of the world's eyes.


  1. Luna essa é a tua luz e o teu encanto: brutalmente sincera, segura do que queres e, principalmente, do que não queres e dona do teu caminho. Continua assim porque não há nada pior na vida que contrariarmos o que, na realidade, somos no mais profundo de nós. Bj

    1. Como se diz em inglês, “it is what it is”. Muitos vão se revoltar, não vão gostar. MAs opinião é igual a cu, cada um tem o seu.
      Já recebi aqui criticas, mas é de homens que nunca estiveram na pele de uma garota de programa. Mas seguirei assim, falando o que penso.
      Mesmo que muitos não concordem.
      Beijos e parabéns querido!

  2. None of the above 5. I think the thing to be above all is respectful. Understand the nature of the transaction and don’t complicate it with personal narratives (your story) or assumptions (assumptions about the service provider’s story).
    Aim for a mutually enjoyable experience in the ‘moment’ of the booking.

    1. I just would like when I say no, they actually understand it is no and is not about the money or not. I just do not think, that I have to do something that I do not like, to please someone, that I might never see again in my life. Cause this won’t be counted as an act of kindness by God lol
      It is just disrespectful! For example, I know most of the guys do not like to have fingers up their asses and I respect their limitations, but many because they think they are paying, they can do whatever they feel like.

  3. Good question ,
    As someone who used to work in a Go go bar and drive some of the entertainers to their side gigs I can be protective . But also respectful because I have seen the other side .
    And how people act when they are drink and they’re true personally comes out
    I am not trying to fix someone’s life lol Still working on my own .😊😂😂😜

    1. True, I think people do not realize certain things.
      If I knew this type of business before, I would have started long ago. But common for me is funny to share, and somehow a way to educate also.
      Cause we can’t disregard someone because of their job and neither be disrespectful.
      Thanks, West for understand and respect our jobs! oxox

      1. Sure like the old saying didn’t judge till you walk a mile their shoes . Or this case high heels.

  4. Oi Luna, adorei esse post :D…Imagino q ñ deve ser fácil hein. Como disse meu pai “O paraíso terrestre ñ existe” mas se vc gosta do teu trabalho já tá quase no paraíso né 😉
    Bjss de Maspalomas

    1. Sim não é fácil, mas é divertido e praseroso ahhha
      Fique bem e bom saber que estar vivo, já que falou falou e não fez nada.
      Entendes porque digo que o ser humano é uma merda…gostam de me fazer perder tempo. Mas bom saber que você continua aqui me “assistindo”.

  5. Please to learn that to be a bad fucker, as a client, is not a bad thing for you!!! 😉
    Shame that I will no be in Paris in March.
    It would be a pleasure to kiss you and caress your body.

    1. Ahaha is not…I am sure that each human has a different concept on what is good or bad…
      Yeah hopefully we will meet a next time sweetie xoox

  6. I’ve read your description of 5 profiles of worst escort client. It IS quiet interesting. But what about the profile of the kind of client you like. Help us to know more about you and your expectations.

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