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Taking time off

I love work and be high on stress. That’s my drug stress.

My passion is when I have dozens of things to do and projects to complete, but in a very short time.

Sometimes, it can be a big problem. Cause I am just one and might lose my cool one day.

But few weeks ago, I took my time and booked a weekend at Danubius Hotel Gellért. The famous hotel and spa in Budapest.

Was two nights for 190€ just in a single room, with a beautiful view of Danube and the castle.

To be honest the hotel decorations is old style, typical for ex communists countries. It made me feel inside of Titanic. But when night came and I look through the window it made me feel it was worth.

I had bkf included and as well full access to the pool and saunas. All included on the price. Sure in the end was a good deal.

The massages and cleanse was extra, but also made miracle to my face and removed all black heads even the deep ones.

I can say that I will go back for sure!

And if you in Budapest or plan to come here, they have affordable family rooms as well. I think we can travel in style on budget.

I leave here my code for discount if you book this or any other hotel at Booking .

Enjoy it!

Luna CorazonLuna Corazon

Luna Corazon (1989-) Is a Brazilian former Adult Movies Star, born in São Paulo.
She left her family in an earlier age and when turned 21 years of age, she decided to seek a better life overseas.
From a simple and humble family from the suburbs of the city, Luna has been traveling all over the world, immersing herself in different cultures, religions, practices and especially seeking great sexual experiences and self-growth.
Luna has worked as a fashion model, public servant, dancer and even risk to work as a singer for a period of her life. But the adult industry is what brought her to the grace of the world's eyes.


  1. The hotel and the view from your room look very nice ! I just hope the hotel won’t hit any iceberg during your stay…

  2. Dear Luna, I have enjoyed watching you in movies, and this is how I have arrived here. Reading your posts with so much honesty in your reconciliation with your black spots on your face or with someone who you had difficulties in the past, or your moving to Hungary and hospital visit is bringing me joy. I hope to meet you in person one day and give you a smile and hug.

    1. That is how I found to live happier and with less stress in life, just be honest and try always to forgive and accept things as it is. But without forgetting them, so you do not commit the same mistake. xoxo

  3. At the time of writing my first comment on 11th September, the prospect of meeting you was a distant dream. Having a chance to share smiles and hugs in all straight forward simplicity was pure happiness. You are so worthy of consideration.

    1. oh that is so sweetie. I love it when we can have fun and share great orgasms.
      I really appreciate it all. Kisses and bjs for you babe!

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