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Getting the best of my Sexuality

through Energy Moving and Healing

For a start, I want to reintroduce myself for the first time for some of you and again for those that already know me; there still plenty of things that you do not know about me, and I found that I am ready to open it up to you.
I am Luna Corazon, an Adult performer, writer, travel blogger, holistic therapist – trained in EFT and Kinesiology, and just an average human 95% of the time.
My goal here today is to create awareness and spread the word about how we can achieve a better sexual life within ourselves.
My journey with Sexuality started at a very young age, but as a grew, worries and concerns begun to rise, together with other life challenges as well.
But the thing for me is that anything else can go wrong. But my sexual life.
Sexuality has a compelling whole in my culture and so own I must care and keep it as part of who I am or of at least I thought that I was.

So how do I make sure that I will keep up my high energy levels? Even after a stressed day or when I remember my bad relationships experiences or worse those days that my confidence is on its highest?

I use EFT – Emotional Freedom Technic. Cool! But what the hack is EFT?
EFT was, as I said already, is an Emotional Freedom Technic, more precisely described as acupuncture without needles.

It is a fact that everything in the universe made of energy, and so on, we are all connected by this energy,
That is why our thoughts and beliefs, influence this energy and so on end up shaping our physical reality.
So EFT comes as a technology that helps us to manipulate the energy within. By, for example, clearing stuck emotions/energy.

“Energy supposes to flow freely, abundant to fulfill our desires and life purpose!”

I will give here a more broad idea, but sure we will dive a bit more in the next articles about quantum physics.

How does it work?
That stuck energy, as I mentioned above and other negative emotions is the result of some interference in our body’s energy system.
By tapping with your fingertips on specifics points of the body, known as energy meridians – just as in the acupuncture; EFT relieves those blockages and allows us to insert a series of new beliefs and habits directly to our subconscious.
Allowing you to bring your emotions and energy center to balance.
If you are in balance, that old thought won’t harm your present or future life anymore. Neither keeps you stuck and missing out on all the opportunities that life lays in front of you.
It is not a memory eraser but a change in the significance and influence that those emotions have in different areas of your life.

How can it help my Sexuality?
From traumas to shines, to sexual disorders, excess of social morality, and even fear can disrupt our sexual lives.
It can be something that happened in our childhood, a bad experience, or even social standards that stop us from enjoying ourselves sexually or also others.
I can use by example, my situation.
In 2012, after being severely assaulted by an ex-boyfriend, I developed PTSD and Panic Attacks.
On the first stage, I was revenging and hating all males, because of what he did to me. I was sleeping around, breaking hearts just to hurt men, not even for my pleasure. Then came stage two, where I could not sleep, begun to drink a lot, and run away at any time of the day, that I found myself alone in the streets.
By the last stage, I thought that I was mental already; I could not let anyone come close to me, that I would start cry or cringe like a scary babe. At this was the point that I knew I needed help.
Since I am not a fan of modern medicine, especially when I see that it is something beyond my physical body, I began to research and found EFT.
It saved me lots of money and time, seeing a therapist. Because, following the programs, I let it go from that fear and went back to a cute little slut that I was.
I stop blaming everyone for what happened to me, including my aggressor.
The strength that EFT helped me to build, to work on self-confidence, self-love, and how not be shameful and demanding the respect I deserve for who I am.

” A victim can never be held accountable for the sins of her insensitive violator.”

It is just the tip of the iceberg. I have clients that come to me in search of enlightenment and help with their relationships, only because they can not share some feelings with their partners. Still, also they do not want it to destroy the lives that they build together.

I will leave you guys to reflect and a little EFT script and a sample of where are the essential meridians points in our body, for you to try it yourself.

We will tap for fear of being alone or fear of being judged for being alone.
Next is a script I made, for someone I know, that wasn’t letting himself go and have fun, because of the past experiences he had. He believed that suffer alone was better than be judged, or that might make him suffer again or be even worse.
Think with yourself, can you relate?
Now from a scale from 0 to 10 (0 being positive and ten negative), how does this feeling of always find yourself alone and unhappy makes you feel? Check your physiology, how are your breathing and posture, while thinking about spending another lonely night with your pet and Netflix remote?
Note this number.

Even thou he wanted to have fun, he did not allow it, keeping himself alone and not also doing things that could get done alone, but for the social shame, he did not.
We do a negative round first, which will bring the beliefs rooted in your subconscious to your conscious, making it easy to eliminate.

Tapping at the karate point 3 times, repeat the following statement:
” I am better being alone.”
Go out by myself, is ridiculous, people will judge me.”
“I rather stay at home and eat, watch something on TV.”
“I am better off. I enjoy being always alone and do anything fun with someone.”
Tap at Eyebrow Point: “I love being alone.”
Tap at the side of the eyes: ” I could go out and grab a dinner or see a movie alone, but no. It is better to be alone.”
Tap under the eyes: ” What people will say about me, seeing me going places by myself?”
Tap under the nose: ” I could go and meet someone. But no. I will stay at home.”
Tap under the mouth: ” I will rather be here alone, complaining and thinking about the things I could be doing now.”
Tap on the collarbone point: ” Is better alone than meet new people. I need to talk and be friendly. “
Tap under the arm: “Is boring, watch all my friends in love, but I will be a solo bird in this sky.”
Tap on the top of the head: “Alone, forever alone. That is how I want to be.”

Check in again; how are those feelings and your physical body?
Can you rate it from 0 to 10 again? Keep it.

Now we will do the grounding positive round.

Tap at Eyebrow Point, repeat: “Be alone can be fun, but I can enjoy some companionship sometimes.”
Tap at the side of the eyes: ” It does not have to be a lover, it can be a colleague. All people are people.”
Tap under the eyes: ” By going out alone, I can have fun by caring about myself and also meet new people!”
Tap under the nose: ” I am open. From today, I am open to meet new people wherever I go and wherever I am.”
Tap under the mouth: ” I am a very social and lovely person. And all I attract are people with the same energy vibrations.”
Tap on the collarbone point: ” I go and have a great time, without expectations on how anyone has to be. I am sure that because my energy levels are so high that I can only attract people on the same level.”
Tap under the arm: ” I decided from today that my life won’t be ever boring again. But a wave of experiences and opportunities that I am open to accept and receive without judgment.”
Tap on the top of the head: ” I can be single, but it does not mean that I will ever feel or be alone again.
Because I am the best companionship for myself and others, people desire to be near me, and I enjoy it!”

Now retake a deep breath and rate your feeling and emotions when thinking about how you used to like or fear being alone.
Note if the number went higher if so do the process again or note if other feelings came out, which means that this goes beyond the belief of “pretending to like to be alone” and the fear of it.
If it went down, it means we are on the right path and repeat the process. Always when it feels like or push yourself to it daily, it will improve it to come to 0 or nearly 0.
If the number did not move, it is good too! Nothing is terrible here. The same process, as described in the paragraph before, applies.

I leave you guys with lots of kisses and a positive vibe on this day!
Luna Corazon

Luna CorazonLuna Corazon

Luna Corazon (1989-) Is a Brazilian former Adult Movies Star, born in São Paulo.
She left her family in an earlier age and when turned 21 years of age, she decided to seek a better life overseas.
From a simple and humble family from the suburbs of the city, Luna has been traveling all over the world, immersing herself in different cultures, religions, practices and especially seeking great sexual experiences and self-growth.
Luna has worked as a fashion model, public servant, dancer and even risk to work as a singer for a period of her life. But the adult industry is what brought her to the grace of the world's eyes.


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