1. I had no idea what to expect of the video, but after watching it I found it really interesting. It really is a different way of life, and I was curious to know how you’re able to conciliate this with a private life.

    In spite of your affirmation that people always want more personnal life information, the blog and the video seem to go almost unnoticed.
    Weather in Spain seems nice !

    1. Yeah I think they just like to ask and feel like they are my friends lol but when we put it out there, it do not get much attention. But is ok I will keep sharing to who care. It is great in Spain, just not for my allergies.

      1. People just want to feel “special” in some way.
        I would be lying if I said this didn’t apply to me as well.

        1. Feel sorry for me? You must feel sorry for people that kill each other or themself, cause they do not see a way out in their lives, people that do not find love. I appreciate your participation here but give your pitty to those that actually need it.

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