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Be a great Escort Client.

If I could choose, this would be the way I wanted my Escort Clients, but now since the offer is off the table, still, I think I own it to all of you guys.

Previously I revealed my five worse clients “profiles” and some of you liked it, others did not or did not like it at all.

You all know that I always listen to you guys, appreciating everything that you have to say, either good or bad because it also helps me to get us to know each other.

Consequently, I am surrendering and giving you all of my little secrets here.

1- Clean

Usually what I do will tell the client, “Hey, here is the towel and there is the shower,” I believe this is self-explanatory. I do not have to say that before sex, especially with a stranger, you suppose to clean yourself.

It is just a natural thing to do, polite to do since I am not anyone’s wives. And I will insist to you wash your dick and ass, preferably shave it neat as well before I put it all on my big mouth and lick your ass 😃.

2. Gentlemen

You all expect me to be always beautiful, real, fun, and when you guys take me to outdoors dates, the expectation is that I behave well and do not embarrass you by pretending I am not myself (BS).

So the same, be a gentleman if you come to meet with any level of a sex worker, d,o not tell her or him not to fake when the sex worker is having an orgasm, fo,r example. Because by you saying such a thing, shows lack of manner and self steam.

Let me cum, do not guess or put your insecurities on me; I am aware of my body, and how to let other pleasures me. Neither takes me out, by saying what my job is, it is so pathetic and sad since you were the one who seeks me.

Also, a bit of ignorance to think that just because I am a sex worker, I do go around screaming hey “I am Luna Corazon and suck dicks for a living” I believe that myself and many other sex workers have a minimum of matters.

3. Fun

I love a good conversation, fun man. Spread my legs is very easy, and get your penis in is even easier. Still, to turn it into something natural and pleasurable be sweetie and fun, chatting is really appreciative. Otherwise, you are just another one, in my opinion.

And I’m sure that most of the men that have to meet me are aware of that and even if you shy it does not stop you from being kind and fun.

4. Romantic

I love to be kissed!

Kiss me all over, everywhere and anywhere.

Just make sure that teeth health is your thing. Otherwise, I might refuse it. Even if it is all coming from your heart, I rather you keep it far from me (laughs).

5. Respect

Keep it real, we are not meeting because we plan to marry each other, but because we both can have fun, good sex and of course in my case the financial benefit.
But we must respect each other, so there are no feelings of regrets, hurt, or shame. As often I hear from other sex workers and their partners.
So that is all we gotta keep is some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Luna CorazonLuna Corazon

Luna Corazon (1989-) Is a Brazilian former Adult Movies Star, born in São Paulo.
She left her family in an earlier age and when turned 21 years of age, she decided to seek a better life overseas.
From a simple and humble family from the suburbs of the city, Luna has been traveling all over the world, immersing herself in different cultures, religions, practices and especially seeking great sexual experiences and self-growth.
Luna has worked as a fashion model, public servant, dancer and even risk to work as a singer for a period of her life. But the adult industry is what brought her to the grace of the world's eyes.


  1. More a watch your pictures and video more I want to fuck you… But More I read you , I can’t control my desire to be inside you.

  2. Yes, kissing a you all over, everywhere and anywhere, that is certainly a real pleasure. Brazilian women have the special touch…

  3. I only was one time with you and I would live repeat soon, you was wonderfull and fun, I’ll never forget the experience, I hope that you make a new tour soon

    1. hey, it makes me very happy when I receive these types of comments. thanks really, and yeah let’s try to make it happen again.

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