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When it will end?

I am sure of you kids are anxious about this nonsense of pandemic to finish, and life goes back to what we use to call normal. But my question is not regarding the pandemic but to the male harassment women all over the world. Sometimes, I do think that if people do not know me …

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Getting the best of my Sexuality

through Energy Moving and Healing For a start, I want to reintroduce myself for the first time for some of you and again for those that already know me; there still plenty of things that you do not know about me, and I found that I am ready to open it up to you.I am …

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A Quick Update

Hey hey hey! And I am finally back. Last time I spoke without guys, I was working on myself physically, mentally and spiritually. And everything went well, still a process but so far so good. I hear very often the same questions, and I am so tired of replying so I just gonna write few …

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Be a great Escort Client.

If I could choose, this would be the way I wanted my Escort Clients, but now since the offer is off the table, still, I think I own it to all of you guys. Previously I revealed my five worse clients “profiles” and some of you liked it, others did not or did not like …


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